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Dark Red Hair

Having “dark red hair” is the most “IT” thing these days. Today, everyone wants to look glamorous and perfect. Perfection is required in clothes, accessories, skin and most importantly hair. Your hair determines how you actually look. They make or break one’s personality. And the best possible way to have the most glamorous hair of all is to color them in tones of red. Yes, the color red is having its moment right now. It is believed that only 2% population in the world naturally has dark red hair.

But, if you aren’t blessed with dark red hair that definitely doesn’t imply that you can’t enjoy the rich, vibrant and lustrous dark red hair. Yes, you surely can become a head turner by coloring your hair into red color. Many of us usually hesitate to color our hair because of the fear of chemicals used in it. But, not all colors are bad for your scalp. You just need to pick up the hair color with least amount of ammonia and then feel free to use it on your hair.

The thing with dark red shade is, most people think that it suits only on people with fairer skin tones. But that isn’t true, truth is red is a color and not a level. Therefore, it is upon you to decide how much warm or cool or dark or light you want it to be. For a fairer skin tone, use golden, strawberry blonde to bright reds and coppers. For medium skin tones, go for coppery blond and auburn shades. For those having darker skin tone, you will look ravishing with medium auburn or chestnut brown shades. Never, ever try to oppose your natural skin tone with your hair color. Choose the color that best compliments your skin.

Changing Hair Color

For women with green and brown eyes, the dark red hair is perfect. After you have decided to dye your hair in red, do decide whether you want just highlights or a complete hair dye. Then you can follow the steps enlisted below to dye your hair:

· Pre lighten:

The first appropriate thing to do is pre lightening your hair. This will ensure that your hair color will stay on for long. Just apply the lightener like the dye.

· Let your hair relax:

After pre lightening, leave your hair untouched for a week or two. Let them relax because dying your hair immediately after lightening would damage them considerably. Condition them properly so that they can reinstate themselves.

· Patch test:

Always do a patch test before applying color on your hair. This will tell you if you have any allergy to the hair color or not. After a successful patch test, gather the things you’ll require while coloring, comb, gloves, towel, color mixed in a bowl and a brush to apply it on hair.

· Apply the color:

Start applying the color from the hair roots first, then cover all the area and in the end the roots with the help of your hands preferably. You can also use a dye brush. Let the color dry and then wash out and dry your hair.

Your dark red hair is now ready to rock. Just make sure to take care of your hair

even more after applying color, so that the color stays for long. Enjoy your dark red hair.

Dark Red Hair Maintenance